Lyttleton Stores Co-operative is a nexus of the following:

 Atelier – retail store and gallery

Atelier stocks artisan-made wares. In Atelier everything is designed and made in Australia, if not the Blue Mountains, New South Wales. The closer to home the better as we focus on the local craftsperson and local materials. Atelier is also host to monthly exhibitions.

 PanTree Produce – grocery store

PanTree Produce is an organic grocery store with a kitchen and garden that provide homemade products to sell along side other beautiful local and Australian organic produce, as well as home and body products.

Preserve – workshop space for gardening, cookery and craft

Our Preserve Workshop space runs full day, half day workshops as well as longer term courses with a focus on traditional skills, organic cooking and food preservation, art making and sustainability. When not in use, it serves as a community hub for co-working, reading and relaxing, tea in hand.

Kitchen - pickles, preserves and more

Our beautiful commercial kitchen is at the side of our garden, adjoining our Preserve Workshop space. We make products for PanTree Produce, utilising excess fresh produce so as to decrease wastage. We produce jam, chutney, pickles, preserves, dried fruit and more. We also bake cakes, biscuits and mueslis. 

Garden - produce, workshops and services

Lyttleton Gardens is our organic backyard garden and orchard located behind the stores. We also teach workshops and offer services in productive garden design.  


Lyttleton is a historic story; it was the name given to the building by the first owner/builder John Geggie, in honour of his wife’s maiden name Lyttle. This space has always been used as shops for the north side of Lawson, with the residence and garden an honest old time way to live and work in a small town.

We believe

  • We believe in honouring organically grown food and the effort it takes to produce it, creating sustainable livelihoods for independent growers of organic produce, and encouraging people form the community to grow their own organic produce.

  • We believe in supporting artisans and artists who make pieces by hand crafted with love, preserving the knowledge of artisans developed over generations and who make environmentally conscious pieces and art.

  • We believe in building a community through the sharing of knowledge, skills and crafts by providing a space for people to teach and learn together. Skill sharing and work sharing make tasks that can be a chore to do alone, such as bottling tomatoes at summers end, become a sociable and fun way to learn and practice skills in preserving. Learning a skill increases the value people feel for the work, there is understanding of the time, process and dedication required to create these unique and beautiful products.

  • We believe in having a positive impact on the environment rather than a negative one. We are a low to zero-waste facility, and we encourage both our producers and customers to opt for products stocked in bulk, reusable or recyclable packaging. We are self-sufficient with solar power and rainwater as well as producing much of our own fresh produce.

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