Atelier of Lyttleton Stores Cooperative stocks artisan-made wares from Wild Wattle's jewellery to Steve Sheriden's stoneware. In Atelier everything is designed and made in Australia, if not the Blue Mountains, New South Wales. The closer to home the better as we focus on the local craftsperson and local materials. Makers are hand-picked for their creativity, the skill and care they take to make each and every piece and their preference for environmentally friendly production and or packaging where possible.  

photograph by Luisa Brimble

photograph by Luisa Brimble

Atelier brings the work of gifted makers, most local, or in some way connected, to the Blue Mountains, together into one space jam-packed with creativity. 

Makers Application here  

(please email applications to Eloise at atelier@lyttletonstores.com.au)

In Atelier is the Window Gallery, providing for a broader range of art to be shown and sold.