Lyttleton Gardens is our community garden located next to Lyttleton Stores Co-Operative. Manu, our garden coordinator, is aiming to build a biodiverse system by including multiple productive layers: edible /medicinal ground covers, shrubs, climbers and leguminous nitrogen-fixing plants. You’ll find baskets of our organic fruit, vegetables and herbs that we’ve grown for sale in PanTree Produce store and are also used to cook in our Kitchen.

We’ve created a sustainable garden on a very small budget that works in harmony with nature. We turn all of our scraps from the house and shop into beautiful, rich compost. We’ve recycled materials local stables (lucerne, horse manure), coffee shops (coffee grinds), and kind customers (leaves and clippings).

The garden functions as a not-for-profit community outreach organisation and will be running the FarmItForward program linking young farmers with landowners in the Mountains. We also run a regular Permaculture Women’s seed saving and packing session.

Lyttleton Gardens focuses on helping to grow healthy, connected local communities through the environmental and therapeutic value of growing productive gardens.

It does this through:

  • community outreach

  • building individual and community resilience by supporting people to grow food locally at a small scale

  • hosting talks, events, community gatherings, workshops

  • supporting locals in working together to achieve their food growing and sustainable living aspirations

Lyttleton Gardens is a not-for profit Association and auspices the Farm It Forward project.

Emmanuela (Manu) is a small scale food grower with a background in Permaculture and regenerative agriculture. She is passionate about building community resilience by encouraging people to grow food locally at a small scale and is an active participant in local food growing and sustainability initiatives throughout the Blue Mountains . Soil health is a big part of her practise in Lyttleton Gardens, where she manages the vegetable garden, teaches and coordinate workshops and events. She also records all that goes on in the garden on our Lyttleton garden blog.

In addition to being coordinator of Lyttleton Gardens, Manu is currently training with American microbiologist Dr Elaine Ingham in order to become a certified soil health consultant. She teaches the Introductory Vegetable Gardening, Soil Health, and Permaculture workshops at Lyttleton Stores Cooperative and designs productive edible gardens.

photograph by Nick McKinlay

photograph by Nick McKinlay


Our Garden is also a space for the community to come together and learn from one another. We regularly hold oped garden days and workshops like backyard bee keeping, seed sharing, garden bed weaving, plus much, much more. To see what workshops we have coming up, please click here.

photograph by Nick McKinlay

photograph by Nick McKinlay


We also offer our garden design services to the Blue Mountains community. We can help you design a productive home garden so you can grow your own food in a regenerative, sustainable way. If you are interested in learning more about this service, please click here.


Here are just some of the things we are currently growing in our garden:

Lemon balm, oranges, fennel, feijoa, broadbeans, dahlias, lamb's ear, yarrow, wild rocket, Chinese broccoli, endive, strawberries, lucerne, mesclun lettuce, comfrey, beetroots, rainbow silverbeet, chives, tomatoes and cucumber plants. 

photograph by Nick McKinlay

photograph by Nick McKinlay