Exciting news: our homemade compost is in Pantree

Our compost is a hot mix of all food scraps from the shop and kitchen, coffee grounds from our local baristas at Cortado, mushroom compost, worm castings and tea and a good dose of carbon-rich dry materials such as sugarcane mulch, pea straw, lucerne from local stables, wood shavings, or dried leaves.

All of these locally sourced ingredients are then carefully turned and monitored over a one to two month period.
We make sure the pile stays aerated, hot, and moist while everything inside the heap is active. When we see that the earthworms move in, we let them do an amazing job of digesting residual scraps and further enriching the heap with their castings. Once the compost smells sweet and earthy, we pop it in hessian bags and pass it on to you.

Our compost will be perfect for using in pots, as seedling-raising mix, to mulch your vegetable beds at home and even to feed your fruit trees. We like to think of our compost as an inoculant for your garden at home, teaming with life that will benefit your garden immensely.

Our compost is yet another addition to the items available in Pantree. Our worm weeis also a great, quick source of nutrition for your plants. We always encourage you to bring hessian sacks and glass bottles back to us for a refill.

Manu and I are really looking forward to our upcoming Plant Elixirs workshop on March 25th, where Eric Brocken will be showing us how to make different kinds of actively aerated compost brews, which are even more powerful than our beautiful garden compost!