Our Garden After the Rain

Traditionally, the month of March is the wettest month in the lower and mid- Blue Mountains. After all that rain, the garden has received a reviving dose of nutrient and mineral-rich rainwater, which boosts bacterial and fungal activity in the soil. This is traditionally referred to as 'the autumn bout,' a boost in plant growth before everything gradually slows down in Winter. It is good to sow Autumn-Winter seeds and plant seedlings early to catch this growth spurt. In this way, crops that take a long time to produce a yield such as cauliflowers will get a head start!

This is also the perfect season for mushrooms, which are a sign of a wonderfully healthy garden. Just look at these guys in the photo I took below. Aren't they just gorgeous? We are experimenting with oyster mushrooms and shiitake logs at the moment. Watch this space.

We are also finally getting bean pods on our bean plants, which is a relief after a very difficult, hot summer, which set them back quite a bit.

Our tomatoes, watermelon, and cucumber plants are reaching the end of their time, paving the way for cabbages, kales, mustards, onions and leafy greens. The garden never stops.