The River’s Table Spring Event at Twelve Trees Farm, blew us away. Photography by Michelle Crawford, lamentations by Jacinta Carmichael-Parissi.

It is hard to describe how it went without referring constantly to the weather - so understand that though we had a couple of moments where the sun came out, it was mainly very cold and rainy with icy winds and hardy but (mainly) happy guests making the most of what we had intended to be a sun dappled day of long and easy eating and drinking. Asher bravely battled the rain with fire, cooking up our feast in difficult conditions - we even had a calamity with the wind blowing away trays of  canapés and 5kg of freshly smoked mussels! Luckily there was generally good cheer and even dancing among the gumbooted guests, who were lucky enough to huddle with the musicians in the one marquee that didn't blow away! Voicestrings, a beautiful duo with Montz on the Banjo and Ross on the Violin played beautifully, we also had a rollicking five piece string band who go by the name  Lawson’s Heart. Between the wine, wind, dancing and (eventually - against all odds) eating, we managed to have one very memorable country Tasmanian experience! 

Our intention for this event was to give to the world an honest and beautiful experience in the Huon Valley, set by the stunning Huon River. To showcase the amazing local produce available in Spring, and to enjoy the company of producers, musicians and visiting guests. We were lucky enough to source all of the food from local producers and friends, including Twelve Trees Farm, Tongola Goats Products, Provenance Growers, Nichols Rivulet Organic Food Farm, Dover Bay Mussels (almost!), Kindred Organics, Elgaar, Eatem’ Organics, Golden Valley Organic Farm, Lenny, Celia, Alexandra, Marg & Rory, Robert, Willie Smiths, Wombat Springs, Ashbolt, Home Hill and us! PanTree Produce. 

Jilly & Kris of Twelve Trees Farm put on such a beautiful display with readying the property and giving a farm tour before sweets, when we had our final flash of sunlight before everyone jumped back on the cart and head home to warm their feet in front of a fire. 

We will be putting on another smaller event in the near future for those who opted to postpone due to the terrible forecast, and look forward to making it happen according to plan this time! I would have loved to be on the ground meeting, greeting, seating, announcing, elaborating, helping and enjoying - but when there is a storm, you have to man the ship and make sure it sails to safety. There will be time to enjoy all of your beautiful company next time, in the sunshine. 

Thank you to those people who made this event happen, and to the guests who braved it with cheer and understanding. And also thanks to those who came anyway, even if they wished they were at home under a warm blanket with a cuppa and a good book - and also to those who were clever enough to postpone and do just that. 

I love all of the photographs that Michelle took of the day, it looks just so beautiful out on the banks of the Huon River. What a spectacular part of the world we were lucky enough to be in, rain hail or shine. You can see all of the photos here