Winter Adventures

Today we headed down the hill into our fine town of Franklin’s new winter market. There was a great turn out for a sleepy country town, and quite a good range of stalls. Old bottles & home grown Kiwi fruit, fresh yoghurt, woodfired bread, a coffee machine! some beautiful paintings, an abundant fresh organic veggie stall and my favorite find in a little room tucked away selling duck egg sponge & cream cupcakes! I have bought some duck eggs home to start work on a pasta dish that I am working on for an exciting event we are creating inspired by the stunning Huon River. 

This is how I want it to turn out - will post again in a couple of days with results!

Fine duck egg pasta sheets, folded around a rich though thin tomato & red wine sauce over twice cooked shredded duck meat, finished with a tiny dash of double cream and loads of fresh parsley…or chervil.. I will let you know.