duck egg pasta

On my fathers side, our family comes from Italy. We traditionally use duck eggs for our pasta making, and I have finally go my hands on some! I did an experimental run of pasta, and then realised there was little in the way of sauce to try it out with. So, I did the usual and called on my imagination to use whatever was in the Pantree. Turned out delicious, so I thought I’d share the recipe:

Fresh duck egg pasta, with sweet potato and pistachios in a creamy ricotta and sage sauce.

Lightly shallow fry very thin rounds of sweet potato in olive oil, with a fair amount of salt and pepper (think chips). Then take the sweet potato out of the pan and drain most of the oil and extra seasoning in to a bowl to use later (use as a dipping oil for bread before or during dinner and enjoy the flavors). Reheat the pan, and put the sweet potato back in. Add some chopped up unsalted raw pistachios and fry for under 30seconds. Pour some cream in, enough to cover the sweet potato, stirring as you go. Let simmer and bubble away for a few minutes, then add some freshly chopped up sage and twice the amount of ricotta to sweet potato. Leave on the heat, stir until smooth, and add a dollop of Vulcans’ Sambal - if you’re lucky enough to have some floating around.

This should take not too much longer then it takes for your water to boil in the pot, and then your pasta to cook. 10-15mins max.