Roasted Carbeen Chicken and Quinoa Salad

Roasted Chicken 

Ingredients: 1 x Whole Carbeen Chicken, 5 x large cloves of garlic, 1 x bunch of oxheart carrots, 2 x brown onions, 1/2 cup of Rosnay olive oil, 5 x tsp Tasman Sea Salt, 1 x sprig of rosemary, 3 slices preserved lemon. 

Method: Use a shallow baking tray to place quartered onions, garlic cloves, rosemary, lemon and half of the olive oil in the bottom. Rub the chicken in the last of the olive oil and all of the salt, placing in the centre of the tray over the garlic, onion and herbs. Leave carrots whole and place around the outside of the chicken for roasting. Cover with alfoil or a baking tray lid, cook like this at 175C for an hour per kilo of chook, and then at 200C lid/foil off for an extra 10 - 20 mins until brown skinned. Rest the chicken on a warmed serving platter with the carrots, pour off the pan juices, with roasted onion, garlic and rosemary to be used in the quinoa. 

Quinoa Salad

Ingredients: 1 x cup Kidred Organic Quinoa, 2 x cups stock, 1/4 cup currants, 1 x slice preserved lemon, 100g x E&H salad mix

Method: Rinse quinoa 4 times thoroughly, then bring to a simmer in the stock with a pinch of salt with a lid on for about 10-15 mins, stirring once in the middle of the time to make sure the cooking is even. Once they are soft, strain off excess liquid and run under the cold tap to avoid over cooking, using a fine colander or sieve. Stir through the currants and finely chopped preserved lemon and hot pan juice mix, serve straight away before pan juices turn a bit jelly. 

Plate quinoa, salad mix and then hot chicken, with the carrots to the side. Enjoy!