Recipe for Preserved Lemons

So many lovely lemons! Charlotte and I did a quick little batch of preserved lemons that will be on the shelves once they've had time to yumify. Meanwhile, if you have an abundance of lemons in your kitchen here is a simple recipe for preserved lemon:

20 lemons sliced thinly, 5 lemons zested and juiced. Tasman Sea Salt (available at Lyttleton, or use your fav sea salt flakes), about 200g. 

Into sterilised glass jar with a metal lid, layer: salt, lemon, salt, juice, zest, lemon, salt, juice, zest, lemon, salt. Cram it all in so that there are no air bubbles and loads of salt. We put some bay leaf sprigs on top to make sure the lemon and salt remain submerged in the juice and salt. 

Leave until tasty, both lemon and salt are preservative and so this should last out of the fridge for months.

Eat with eggs, meat, tofu, grains - it has an amazingly fragrant and lemony flavour - and is used in many recipes. 

Note: it shouldn't attract any mould but discard if you discover any, may happen over time if there is an exposed piece of lemon for long.