Baked Ricotta Cheesecake

:: Baked Ricotta Cheesecake ::

For the Huon Expo this weekend I am sharing our recipe for the delicious 

Baked Ricotta Cheesecake that has caused tears of joy among 

swooning MoMa and Marrickville Markets customers, enjoy.


scales, zester, spatula, small measure cup and spoons, sifter, bowls, whisk or mixer, 

food processor or knife, pastry brush, 23cm cake tin (removable bottom), baking paper & a rolling pin


We like to use local and organic ingredients apart from the vanilla 

(which we could do without, but it’s very gorgeous in there) 

and organic sugar. In Tasmania we are lucky to have amazing commercial growers 

and producers such as Callington Mill Flour, Elaaar milk to make ricotta and cream to make 

the butter, and there is always a friend with like Marg with lemons, Hande’s Almonds, Celia’s chook eggs.

 This is a great spring seasonal cake because of the sweet milk around and plenty of lemons and eggs, 

with some almonds in storage from autumn still. All of these items can be bought at shops or markets, 

just remember that the quality of the ingredients definitely reflected in the taste. 

Pasta Frolla - 

50g almonds (to be roasted)

325g plain flour

½ tea spoon baking powder

100g sugar

150g butter

1 egg

60ml milk

Ricotta filling:

800g ricotta

140g sugar

1 big lemon’s zest

3 eggs

1 vanilla bean


  Pre heat oven to 175C, put almonds on a tray and roast as soon as possible.

:: Pasta Frolla :: can be made by hand or in a kitchen aid style mixer

Put flour, baking powder and sugar into a bowl and mix well. 

Chop either with a knife or in a food processor the roasted almonds and add to bowl, mix well. 

Cut cold butter into little squares, 

and process thoroughly into the dry mix either with your fingers or a food processor/mixer.

Add the milk and egg together, mix with whisk or fork. Combine with dry mix until a dough is formed, set aside in a covered bowl. 

:: Ricotta Filling :: can be whisked by hand or in a kitchen aid style mixer 

Mix ricotta, sugar, lemon zest and vanilla bean seeds (cut down the middle and scrape out the little seeds with a knife)

Whisk eggs and combine with ricotta mix well. 

:: To put together :: flour surface and get 2 x 30cm square of baking paper ready.  

Take the tin bottom off and put one of the papers on top, securing it back into place so that the paper is taught. 

Cut a little less than 1/3 of the pasta frolla and put aside in the bowl, put the rest onto the floured surface in round ball shape. 

Put the other paper over the ball of pastry, and evenly rollout into a large rough circle with your rolling pin.

 Using a knife lift up the pastry from the floured surface with the paper still on the top, until you are able to flip it over so that the party is 

face up and the paper is on your hand, kind of flopped over at the edges. Take the baking tin in your other hand

 (quickly, have it ready) and put it upside down over the pastry in your hand and flip right way up gently, 

so that the paper is now the top layer, and now take the paper away gently. 

With care, easy the pastry into the shape of the tin, avoiding overlapping folds - smooth these out as much as possible. 

Trim off the edges so that it is exactly the shape of the tin. If there are any breaks, just glue together with a little whisked egg or more pastry from the edges. 

Fill with the ricotta mix, and whisk an egg in a cup ready for the next stage. 

Take the smaller ball of pastry and on your re-floured surface, your paper on top and repeat the rolling out 

but into a smaller rough circle. You can measure this with the tin for approximate sizing. 

Fold over the edges of the pastry in the tin to the level of the filling, brush pastry edge with the whisked egg.

Repeat the flip so that the pastry is paper side down on your hand, 

and softly fold it over the tin, trim with knife to the exact size using edge of tin as a guide. Tuck it into the edges over

 the egg washed pastry sides, and glue together with egg and brush all around the sides and top also. 

Do not worry if there is a small tear, but if there is a big one you can doctor it with a little bit of edge pastry and egg. 

Bake at 175C for 60 - 75 Minutes, until golden brown on top and cracks have formed (like a volcano?) and it should be just shy of jiggly. 

Cool on a rack, knife the sides so that it doesn’t stick, and set in fridge over night or for a few hours. 

Dust with a thick layer of icing sugar over all of the cracks, and it will look and taste beautiful.