Vegan Cheese, Yogurt and Rejuvelac Workshop

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Vegan Cheese, Yogurt and Rejuvelac Workshop


Saturday the 30th of March

From 10am until 1pm

Take your vegan cheese making skills to the next level and learn how to make creamy fermented cheese and yoghurt at home.

This workshop will be a day of hands on learning and creating delicious vegan delights that are great for your gut and your mind! Learn the secretes of vegan cashew cheese, almond milk and a probiotic rich drink Rejuvelac which will be your guts best friend.  You will learn how to use this delicious drink, which is also the base of the fermented cheeses. We will make tangy and flavourful fermented cashew cheese, parmesan and fermented almond feta. Participants will also have the opportunity to taste and talk about the process of making other delicious creations like Brie and Camembert. 

Nothing tastes like fresh almond milk and homemade almond milk makes the best almond yoghurt which costs a fortune at the supermarkets. You will learn how to make your almond yoghurt at home and taste just how delicate and delicious it can be.

What to Expect:

Participants will learn how to:

  • Learn how to make Rejuvelac; a delicious fermented drink (how to sprout the grains and how to turn the sprouts into probiotic drink)

  • Learn how to make almond milk

  • Learn how to make Almond Yogurt (and discuss coconut yogurt)

  • Learn how to make fermented cashew cheese

  • Learn how to make parmesan from cashew cheese

  • Discuss how to create camembert cheese

  • Learn how to make fermented feta cheese

About the tutor

Ayse Moonen @veganprojects was born in Turkey and has worked at Vegan Establishments for a number of years in Sydney. Currently she works as a chef at Rubylonesome cafe and a part time teacher at Cornersmith. She is very passionate about animal welfare and ethical life choices and this is reflected in her practice and the ingredients she choses to work with. Ayse has run various vegan essentials workshops with us and after high demand she is joining us to run this very exciting course.

¨I love sharing my experiences and knowledge and also receiving inspiration from like minded people. ¨

Materials included

Copies of the recipes, all equipment and ingredients will be supplied.
Students will have the chance to taste many of the products that we make in class and will take home a sample cashew cheese.
Snacks and drinks after class are also included in the price (Bread, vegan butter , almond feta and etc.)

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