Soil Health and Seed Propagation

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Soil Health and Seed Propagation

from 40.00

Saturday 2nd of March

9:00am- 12:30pm

Did you know that if you keep your soil healthy and alive, it will need 80 percent less water and a whole lot less inputs? Learn all about how to propagate from seed, build and maintain a healthy soil food web using materials available around you, in order to grow nutrient-rich food. We will be going through the real dirt on soil biology (not what commercial organisations want you to believe), dispelling many myths on composting and growing healthy plants. 

About your teacher:

Emmanuela (Manu) is a small scale food grower with a background in Permaculture and regenerative agriculture. In addition to being coordinator of Lyttleton Gardens, Manu is currently training with American microbiologist Dr Elaine Ingham in order to become a certified soil health consultant. She teaches the Introductory Vegetable Gardening and Permaculture workshops at Lyttleton Stores and designs productive edible gardens.


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