Probiotic Pantry


Probiotic Pantry


Sick of buying probiotics or expensive digestive tonics? Perplexed and
suspicious of additives in commercially made sauces and condiments?
Fear no more... for thou may ferment!
Using a few ingredients, simple principles and time, anyone can confidently and successfully ferment their own condiments, sauces and health tonics. Come to this three hour weekend afternoon class, with instructor Ei Yang, to learn about sauerkraut, bean paste and beet kvass and be well on your way to confidence with fermented foods.


  • An opportunity to make sauerkraut in the class
  • An understanding of foundational fermentation principles, equipment and process.
  • An understanding of how to use a variety of ingredients in fermentation.


Own jar of sauerkraut and worksheets.


Ei Yang (pronounced like the letter E) is dedicated to sharing traditional food wisdom through her workshops and catering services. After years navigating her own digestive health challenges, Ei deepened her love of cooking to especially focus on personal vitality and digestive health through food. In her daily life and work, Ei explores and advocates for age old approaches to food preparation, bush cooking, sprouting, food fermentation and preservation with the use of locally grown, fresh and nutritionally dense foods.

$70 includes refreshments, your own jar of sauerkraut and worksheets. 

19th of November from 1-4pm. 


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