Natural Garden Dye and Hand Stitch Workshop


Natural Garden Dye and Hand Stitch Workshop


Sunday 23rd of June, 10am-5pm

Food and fabric are fundamentally related, all the food we eat grows from the soil and so do the clothing that we wear including cotton or linen. Somewhere along the way we have become disconnected from both the foods we put into our bodies and the clothes we wear. As the slow food and sustainable clothing  movement is gathering momentum this workshop offers an exciting opportunity to start our conversation about reconnecting to the earth through a creative process of natural dyeing. Natural dye is an ancient tradition that has existed for centuries, practiced by many different cultures and civilisations.

What to Expect:

In this hands-on course you will explore a variety of natural hand dyeing and colour application techniques and create your own fabulous colours on cotton, silk and linen using natural methods and materials.

You will learn how to print and bundle eco-dye with plants, food and other natural materials.

The class will come together, exchange dyed pieces and we will then stitch pieces of fabric together. Participants will see a demonstration of hand stitching and patching pieces of dyed fabric together and then begin stitching their dyed fabric to create a cushion cover, pouch, bag or what ever they wish to make.

About Your Tutuor:

  • Samorn Sanixay was born in Laos and the co-founder of Eastern Weft a small weaving cooperative based in Vientiane, Laos. Eastern Weft supports young women of ethnic minority Hill tribes through traditional weaving textile crafts. With approx. 15 years experience in sustainable textile production, Samorn is excited to share her knowledge and ignite your passion for backyard gardening and sustainable craft and textiles.

    What is Included:

    A piece of silk 
    A piece of merino wool 
    Calico fabric to use in class

    Leaves, plants, flowers and food scrap for dyeing in class.
    There will be fabric remnants to cut pieces up for patchwork of a cushion or tote bag.

    What  you need to bring: 
    - Preloved fabric or clothes that can be cut up for patchwork 
    - Needle and thread for patchwork session.
    - Optional -  flowers or plants from their garden, food waste such as onion skin, to share and use in class

    Please BYO Lunch

    Volunteer position:

    Lyttleton is now offering 1 volunteer position per workshop, if you are interested in volunteering for a workshop you will need to come in for a volunteer induction. Workshop volunteers must be members and they will receive a 20% discount for 1 week if they volunteer for a half day workshop (4 hours) and for 2 weeks if they volunteer for a full day workshop. They will also get to learn new skills and help the tutor during the workshop. If you are interested in volunteering please contact 2-6 weeks prior to the workshop commencement date.

    Cancellation Policy:
    Please note that workshops are non-refundable, however, if you notify us of the cancellation within 48 hours we can give you a workshop credit and you are able to apply this to a different workshop.

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