Making Your Own Canvas


Making Your Own Canvas


30th of June from 10am-3pm

Join us for a hands-on workshop where you will learn how to make your very own painting canvas from scratch. We will discuss the different types of canvas supports and make three finished canvases for oil paintings, one in a size and format designed for portrait painting, one for still life and one for landscape.

About the Tutor:

Sophie Haythornthwaite spent four years in Florence, Italy, studying traditional oil painting techniques of the Renaissance and Baroque. 

Sophie continues to work in the methods of the old masters. She creates high quality painting materials that she prepares herself in her studio, grinding her own pigments and preparing her own canvases, mediums and varnishes using traditional methods and recipes.

Sophie specialises in portraiture, she also paints still life, landscape and figurative works.and has a studio in the Blue Mountains, NSW.

For more information about Sophie please visit;

What to Expect:

We will learn about historical painting materials, and the history of canvas and the way it changed the nature of oil painting.
We will learn about different weaves and textures of canvas ( our three canvases will all be different weights, textures and weaves), and how these textures can be utilised in different types of painting. There will be opportunities to experiment with different coloured grounds and textured grounds.
Participants will learn how to stretch their own canvases and then make a size (hide glue), to protect the canvas surface and tighten it so it is taut and non absorbent and ready to accept the paint.

Finally participants will prime the surface with an oil based primer that we will grind ourselves, to make it ready for painting.

What is included:

All materials are included; each person will take home three finished canvases ready for painting!  

Volunteer position:

Lyttleton is now offering 1 volunteer position per workshop, if you are interested in volunteering for a workshop you will need to come in for a volunteer induction. Workshop volunteers must be members and they will receive a 20% discount for 1 week if they volunteer for a half day workshop (4 hours) and for 2 weeks if they volunteer for a full day workshop. They will also get to learn new skills and help the tutor during the workshop. If you are interested in volunteering please contact 2-6 weeks prior to the workshop commencement date.

Cancellation Policy:
Please note that workshops are non-refundable, however, if you notify us of the cancellation within 48 hours we can give you a workshop credit and you are able to apply this to a different workshop.

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