Introduction to Fermentation and Preserving


Introduction to Fermentation and Preserving


Saturday the 6th of July

10am - 3pm

Pickling, preserving and fermenting food is all about storing summer’s abundance of produce. We will be showing you different techniques you can take home and apply to various fruit and vegetables this season. Fermentation and pickling not only enables us to preserve food and enhance it’s flavours, but in the process introduce the kinds of good bacteria into our diet that can have an incredibly positive impact on health and wellbeing.


Starting with learning the basic techniques for bottling, we will show you through sweet preserves, hot and cold sealing methods, fermentation processes working hands on with produce throughout the day.


Students will take home a jar from each of the different batches we make throughout the day as well as an informational handout guide.


Nick Grilanc is a creative chef who’s passion for sustainable living can be tasted in his delicious cooking, where providence is key and flavours come naturally from the garden. After having worked in restaurants he took his talent on the road. His mobile tiny home is fit with a kitchen that has cooked all over the country in all sorts of magical places, learning from and sharing the food cultures of the areas he has visited, finally coming back with all of that experience to share with us here at Lyttleton Stores!

$100 includes all tuition, materials, ingredients and a delicious lunch in the garden

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