Women's Natural Health Series

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Women's Natural Health Series

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Sarah is Lyttleton Stores resident Naturopath and a very passionate herbalist and nutritionist. In celebration of International Women's Day, she brings together both science and traditional medicine for this workshop series on women’s health and natural medicine.

Part One - 8th of March from 6:30 till 8:30pm
This evening we will learn about the menstrual cycle and the intricate play of hormones involved in menstruation throughout the lifestages of women. We will learn about common problems and discomforts women can experience (such as PMS and period pain) and why. We will learn about nourishing practices, healing foods and herbal medicines to meet common challenges and learn to read the messages symptoms are giving us. Come away with a growing awareness of your body and cycle, and resourced with ways you can bring understanding, ease and rhythm to your menstrual cycle.

Part Two - 15th of March from 6:30 till 8:30pm
Natural Fertility 

This evening we will learn about fertility and how to support your fertility naturally. We will learn about phases of fertility and the hormones involved, and how to read the language of your body with cycle mapping and mucous and temperature charting. We will also continue an exploration on the lifestages of women, and how fertility transforms as we move through life.  Come away with a greater connection to and understanding of your body, and how to support healthy fertility with nutrition, herbal medicine, awareness and wholesome practices. This is a beautiful workshop for all women, whether you're planning to conceive or learning about fertility for your own self awareness and understanding. 


Part 1 - 8th of March from 6:30 till 8:30pm

Part 2 - 15th of March from 6:30 till 8:30pm

$40 each workshop or $70 for both. Includes dinner! 

*Please pop dietary requirements in additional info in check out. 

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