Botanical Embroidery


Botanical Embroidery


Saturday 6th of April

10.30am - 4.30pm 

Create beautiful botanical patterns on fabric using traditional embroidery techniques. 

Guided by Jessica Allison, students will learn a variety of basic embroidery stitches and then explore how they can be used to depict native Australian wildflowers.

This workshop will provide students with the skills, materials, inspiration and confidence to further explore embroidery and perhaps even start their own wildflower embroidery project at home.

No experience with embroidery or sewing is required as we will be starting with the basics. This workshop is suitable for both complete beginners and those with some prior experience looking to expand their skills.


Jessica Allison is a Sydney-based seamstress and costume maker. Her love of embroidery began when she found and completed a Sturt Desert pea cross-stitch started by her mother before she was born. Since then Jessica has explored and practiced embroidery as a mindful and meditative craft, and her projects often combine her passion for botany, handcrafts and women’s history.  


We will learn a variety of embroidery stitches by making a ‘sampler’, and then look at how these stitches can be placed, repeated or manipulated to create botanical patterns.

Beginner students can expect to learn the basics of embroidery and creating simple patterns, while more experienced students will have the chance to fine-tune or experiment with their technique.


Materials include basic embroidery kit (containing: hoop, needles, thread snips, linen fabric and an instruction booklet) for students to keep, as well as a selection of threads and the samplers created in class. Refreshments and a delicious organic lunch in the Lyttleton gardens are also included.

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