Beginners Beekeeping Workshop


Beginners Beekeeping Workshop


Sunday April 7th

Learn about Bee-centric beekeeping with Emily and Bianca. This is a beginners workshop where you will learn all you need to set up a natural hive in your backyard. This workshop will get you ready for the next swarm season in Spring, so you will have plenty of time to build or source a hive, plant out your backyard, find a suitable spot and sit back and wait for the bees to come.

What to Expect:

We will cover all aspects and principles of natural beekeeping, how they differ from conventional and commercial methods, how to build a hive, catching a swarm/sourcing bees, beekeeping with small children, harvesting honey and processing beeswax and building your beekeeping community. backyard beekeeping.

This course will cover:

  • Beekeeping with kids

  • how natural beekeeping differs from conventional beekeeping

  • How to build your own hive

  • How to catch a swarm 

  • Making your backyard a pollinator friendly space

  • Beeswax and what to do with it

About Your Tutors:

Emily and Bianca are natural beekeepers (or bee guardians) who have multiple Warrè hive throughout the Wollondilly area and are also part of a collective of beekeepers called 'Warrè-Dilly' who are spreading the word and teaching workshops on how to keep bees 'Bee-centrically' which means that the bees come before the beekeeper. If we want to help save the bees then we need to let them bee, and provide them with a suitable home and clean environment.

Whats Included:

Each student will take home a bag of goodies with info on follow up reading, hive plans, beeswax wrap, a high nectar plant list, pollinator friendly seeds.

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