Preserve is a workshop space, where visitors and locals alike can come to both share and learn new and old creative and culinary skills.  Our Preserve Workshop space runs full day, half day workshops as well as longer term courses with a focus on traditional art and craft skills, sustainability, gardening and organic cooking and food preservation. 

Upcoming Workshops


Please come in to the store to purchase a gift certificate for someone wonderful and give them a great experience. Alternatively send us an email and we can arrange payment prior to sending the tickets via post to your chosen address.


To secure your place please:

Book online

Call (02) 47 593478

Email us


Prices vary depending on what type of workshop you would like to attend and are set up as one both one off full day events including lunch in the garden, and also one to two hour mid week sessions that last for a term of 8 - 10 weeks.  


If you have any unanswered questions please email or call us on 02 47 593478.