Kitchen Coordinator

· Turn excess food into stock for sale in store

- Preserves/savoury/sweet

- Ferments & pickles

- Butter, cheese, yoghurt, custard, ice-cream

- Pasta

- Dried fruits, vegetables & herbs

- Dips

· Make take home food for customers for sale in store

- Bread

- Cakes /pastries/biscuits

- Soups, broths

· Turn backyard produce into stock for sale in store

· Handle all food needing to be broken down/re packaged

· Catering for in store and off site events

· Developing and teaching workshops onsite

· Write recipes to publish monthly

· Manage budget and submit bills for processing

· Contribute content for newsletters/social media/website

· Attend coordinator and staff meetings

· Responsible for mentoring kitchen help whilst working together

· Food handling safety practice

· Rostering with other co-ordinators

· End of day clean after each shift including tidy of The Hub

This position is currently performed at half capacity as a part time role, with the potential for either remaining similar (approx. 20hrs) or developing into a fulltime position (approx. 37.5hrs)



The kitchen is the landing zone for all of our surplus produce, where we transform our excess into preserves and pickles, cheeses and cured meat. We also cook delicious offerings for exhibitions and events, as well as workshops and offsite catering.

The idea being that between the shop, the kitchen and finally the garden, no food has been wasted at Lyttleton Stores!

Cakes, slices, bliss balls and drinks are also available in the shop with Sourdough Bread available Fridays and Saturdays.

Our beautiful commercial kitchen is at the side of our garden, adjoining our Preserve Workshop space. We make products for PanTree Produce, utilising excess fresh produce so as to decrease wastage. We produce bread as well as cakes, chutney, pickles, preserves, dried fruit and more. Much of the fresh produce is picked fresh from Lyttleton Gardens, and grown organically with love by Manu, the garden fairy.

On weekends the kitchen is used as a learning space for small groups of participants of the Preserve workshops. We teach workshops on cookery with the emphasis on home steading skills. We also hold regular dinner events with art and music and catering on request for either offsite events or private bookings in the hub. Please contact us at for all of your enquiries about catering for your events.