Lemon Balm Syrup

So much fresh beautiful lemon balm in our garden! If you would like some please ask in the store or ask in the garden if the gate is open - we will happily pick it fresh for you. 

Make a tea from a bunch of lovely fresh lemon balm by infusing the leaves in not quite boiling water, too hot and the flavour cooks - too cool and flavour won't fully come up either. For each big bunch use two cups of water and once the infusion is fully steeped and the flavour is strong, strain the leaves and put into the compost bin. 

With the strong tea simmer with half a cup of rapidura or raw sugar, until the mix has reduced from about 2 cups to 1 1/2 cups and put into a sterilised bottle or jar. To sterilise the jar wash thoroughly first, rinse with hot water to get all soap off, then boil in water so that it is piping hot when you pour the syrup into the jar. 

Use as cordial, in cakes, on pancakes, in salad dressings or cocktails!