Our Window Gallery is an exciting space in Atelier. Each month we showcase a new artist or artisan's beautiful work with an opening night on the first Friday of each month. Come join us to view the new work and enjoy the vibrant culture of Lawson with drinks and snack provided by Preserve Kitchens.

artist of the month

Georgia Blackie - 'Je Sense' 

'Je Sens' (a French verb meaning at once 'I feel' and 'I smell') is a new photographic series by Georgia Blackie, about skin and how it can feel (sens). She seeks to represent non-visual embodied sensations like temperature and scent, in the visual medium of photography. Previously Georgia's work has explored the transporting power of physical sensation in relation to memory. In this series however, she brings the viewer into the moment of feeling, into bodily sensation. 

Georgia Blackie

Georgia is an emerging photographer, stylist and creative director from Sydney, living in the Blue Mountains, working mainly on Australia's East Coast. Visit her website: