Our Window Gallery is an exciting space in Atelier. We exhibit a new artist or artisan's work with an opening night on the first Friday of every month. Join us in celebrating new work and the vibrant culture of the Blue Mountains with drinks and snacks made in house. 


artist of the month

Cameron Quilty and Campbell Nugent



Lost in a maladaptive daydream?

Today we find ourselves constantly engaged by visuals and information progressively evolved through capricious technologies and the society to which we ‘belong’.

Take some time to stop, to stare and wander to places only you can imagine. Whilst you can temporarily live in a make-believe reverie, eventually you have to return to the real world, and your real life. 

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Nick Mckk


Alien is an audio visual art experience, of a land marred and altered. 

Please listen to the Soundcloud link ( for the full experience. At every industrial reverberation sound move to the next image. 

Nick Mckk is a photographer and filmmaker. Visit his website