Window Gallery

The Window Gallery of Atelier of Lyttleton Stores Cooperative is a small, pretty as a picture public-facing gallery.

photograph by Nick McKinlay

photograph by Nick McKinlay

We exhibit an artist or artisan's work with an opening night on the first Saturday of every month, from 6pm to 7:30pm. Join us in toasting this work and the spirited culture of the Blue Mountains with organic alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages and appetizers made in house. 


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Kevina-Jo Smith’s My Ribs are Wrecked (detail)

Kevina-Jo Smith’s My Ribs are Wrecked (detail)

Artist of the month

Kevina-Jo Smith

Kevina’s Redefining Home is a concise body of work constructed during the first months of Kevina becoming a mother. “This is a very internal time of redefining myself and my art practice for myself,” Kevina says.

“In recent years my determination to create awareness through my work has become serious and I feel a heavy burden. With ‘Redefining Home’ my intent was to enjoy the process of artmaking and to reintroduce play into my practice, whilst maintaining the underlying importance of message and materials.”

Kevina uses discarded and up-cycled materials to create artworks and dialogue about the environment and our need to be sustainable.

Join us at 6pm on Saturday the 2nd of March to toast Kevina work.


Previous artists of the month include

Stephanie Simcox, Pip Bishop, Jessica Allison, Stephen Travers, Matilda JulianCaitlin She, Freedom Wilson (of Laughing Bird Studio), Anne Crestani and Rachel HannanNick MckkHannah Bath, Chris Carmody and Eloise Maree