Our Story

Lyttleton Stores is a collective of people, combining our loves of organic home grown food and artisan made craft ware. Our mission is to connect customers, makers, and growers, encouraging conscious, ethical, local economies as well as transitioning to a no-waste, lower energy future.



Lyttleton Stores is set in the oldest part of Lawson’s shopping district, in a building dating back to 1884, beautifully utilised as a produce store early on and then over time and many changes of hands becoming a country antiques store selling wonderful hand made wares from the past. We seek to bring this combination of Lawson’s history and our own life history together as Lyttleton Stores, a hub of creativity and culture, food and community.


Jacinta Carmichael-Parissi

Jacinta has always been very creative and productive and is described by her Papa as ‘the sails’ of the ship of dreamers, as she can get carried away! She has owned and operated an organic food business making, retailing and wholesaling products, and also expanded to catering and events.

Jacinta is a busy lady, coordinating the Lyttleton Kitchen, preserving excess produce, baking sourdough bread and cooking all sorts of delicious things.



Adelina Carmichael-Parissi

Adelina is described by her Papa as ‘the anchor’ to the ship of dreamers; a vital and secure measure to every project. Jewellery and Object Design was the focus of her creative studies, where she made art for everyday life.

Adelina formally curated the Window Gallery in Atelier of Lyttleton Stores. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 4.41.10 pm.png

Allegra Benmayor

Allegra is the Lyttleton numbers lady, in charge of book-keeping and accounts. She is also the Preserve workshops coordinator, always finding new classes in art, design, cooking, preserving and homesteading throughout the year. Allegra is an amazing networker and has a knack for building community connections.




Eloise Crossman

Eloise has a background in media arts and museology. Eloise coordinates Atelier, curating the space as well as building connections with local makers, artisans and artists. Eloise also coordinates Atelier's Window Gallery, hosting monthly exhibitions. 




Emmanuela Prigioni (Manu)

Manu is a small scale food grower with a background in Permaculture and regenerative agriculture. She is passionate about helping people grow food locally at a small scale throughout the Blue Mountains . Manu teaches most of the garden workshops at Lyttleton, manages our Backyard Grower system, and records all that goes on in our Garden on our Lyttleton garden blog.


Haylea Bridle

It is thanks to Haylea that we have gorgeous illustrations and graphic design throughout the shop! As well as working in the shop, Haylea designs all our labels, leaflets and handouts.



Nick Mckinlay

Nick is responsible for many of the incredible photographs we post on our website, Facebook and Instagram pages. 




Charlotte is our Pantree Produce coordinator, responsible for all things grocery-related. It's thanks to her that we have such a beautifully presented and well stocked organic produce section.